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Jul 29, 2014

How to apply light text on a dark background on your blog

You looked around my blog all right, and you are interested of doing this trick to your blog? This tutorial will show you how to apply light text on a dark background.

Why light text on a dark background?

Say if you had a CRT monitor connected to your computer, and your blog uses dark text on a lighted background. The lit background consumes more energy,--causing climate change. That can be problematic for some people who wanted to conserve energy in some states,--where power is used constantly. The coal-burning plant is burning more fuel as your monitor with a lit background with black text,--just like a paperback book. Well, paper from trees can lead to climate change too!

Our sites relying on dark text on lit background still consumes power.

How to set my blog to light text on a dark background?

You can change the color scheme on any blog running on any platform, such as Wordpress, Blogger, etc. If you are using Blogger, you can go to the template designer, choose advanced, and change the color schemes for these elements on your blog,--or website.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Blogger, and sign into your account.
  2. Go to any of your blogs that you want to edit,--if you have multiple blogs.
  3. Choose template at more options. Be sure to hit the customize button to customize it.
  4. Choose advanced, and start off with backgrounds.
  5. Use the table with colors, or type the 6-digit value to #000000; and hit apply to blog to apply changes.
  6. Go to the text elements, and choose a desired bright color that is easy to see. Make sure all of the backgrounds are dark with a same color.
  7. Be sure to change the color of other elements,--so users can see it easily.
  8. After you are done, save your changes, and check if your monitor what you are using is consuming less power. If you are using linux, be sure to set your desktop background to black,--that will further reduce power to your monitor.
  9. Turn off your room lights to test visibility of your content on your blog.If your content is visible, you are done.

Darkening even further

If you have text areas, or input text fields on your blog, you can use inline CSS to customize them. All you have to do just setup the border-color to a lit color, background-color to black, and input color to any color you like by specifying a color for text to appear when typed .

Having a light text on a dark background is kind of like an LED display window on a stereo system, alarm-clock, classic adding-machine, VCR, etc.

You can make a difference with your blog like mine.

If all of our websites use light text on a dark background like this, energy usage will be reduced. How much of the carbon you will erase from our planet?

Blackle is the known search engine that uses light text on a dark background. The results appear via lit text,--rather than dark text on a lit background.

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