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Jul 21, 2014

How to be A DRM-Free Author When Writing an E-book

Many people are upset because, as they buy E-books from any online book store, they're ending up purchasing an ACSM file instead of a regular EPUB file. treated as nothing more than criminals. They're also upset because, they have to create an Adobe account to access the content inside an ACSM file, and activating it for reading on 6 devices. Well, most authors apply DRM to their E-books to prevent copying and sharing on the internet, and offline. Well, i'm not going to do the same mistake what authors did to these customers who wanted to read an E-book.

I'm writing DRM-Free E-books because, I want other customers can read them without needing to activate it, or use Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe account.

i'm a blind author who uses open-source text editing programs online to write E-books. Since I don't use proprietary programs anymore; I decided to publish my work that will be friendly for open-source communities around the world. If you are interested to do the same way what I published my E-books; let's get started.

First Things First

Before you ever start writing your first E-book, brows for existing E-books online, such as the following:

Most E-books that are DRM-protected are end up an ACSM file when downloading and purchasing. Having an Adobe account is a lot of work. And you're slowing down,--due to the activation of the ACSM file to access the content to read.

That's an awful crappy E-book what I purchased!

Don't let these corporate content providers give you hard time, you can explore DRM-Free E-books, if available!

Don't see them at all? You can write your own E-book, and publish it as DRM-Free, and I'll show you how you do it.

Let's Write Our Own E-book Now!

You can use any word editing programs,--as long it's open-source,--not proprietary. Most proprietary word editing programs can break, and result to infection to your computer. Linux machines, and Chromebooks works the best. Steps for writing your E-book is found here.

When writing a book, be sure to choose a self-publishing platform where you want to use. Draft2Digital works the best for some authors.

If you are done writing your E-book, and fixing errors, it's time to publish your E-book.

With Draft2Digital, it's easier to publish your work, even you applied a Creative Commons license to it. Unlike Smashwords, you don't need to place their copyright notice on the front page of your book. You decide how you're going to license your book.

If you had existing books backed up from your old PC, you can still edit your work.

Just publish your E-book normally without DRM, and now you are done.

My Thoughts About Leaving DRM Off My E-book

Leaving DRM off my E-book is kind of like leaving meat off my plate, and going for a vegetarian diet. Well, I'm a vegetarian who left meat off my plate.

Let's pretend if you had a large plantation with lots of fruits and veggies that you grew, and your neighbor has a pig-farm. But which farm is DRM-Free? Let's take a closer look!

If you had a farm with plants that we eat only, you can grow a large garden, your plantation can hold lots of plants that we eat. Seeds are the starting position of these plants. You need water for the seeds to grow, and you also need clean soil to grow your plants. compost works the best for an environment. Optional sprinklers might be needed to water your plants evenly. You can also grow your own food indoors. If you had series of gardens, you can sort out food types to make it easier to identify any kind of plant what you grew. Plants give off clean air to help us breathe better.

At the other hand, if you had a pig-farm, you really need to manage your animals. You have to provide them food to eat, they need to be running free on your farm, they must have clean water to drink, vet care, a large barn, and more. You must have a slaughterhouse to slaughter pigs for meat. You must clean up all of the manure, it's a dirty job; and somebody has to do it! You must have workers who are willing to work with these animals properly. You must have a transport truck,--if you are migrating your animals to the another farm,--with the another farmer who is willing to take care of these animals as a backup. Feed costs for these animals can rise overtime. But there's an extreme CATCH, I'll mention it later.

What's Happening As We Take even A Closer Look?

As You imagine; being just a gardener is just planting plants in your plantation with your own food. A greenhouse is optional,--if you want to have a backup source of your own food what you are growing. You can still plow the fields with a tractor. Fresh air flows around the garden. And there's no odor to worry about. You just have plants. You can have multiples of gardeners if you want.

If your plants are ready to be harvested, you gather them. If you are doing this, you are a gatherer. Your goods what you planted can be shipped to stores via a truck, or train. You don't need a factory to process your goods, unless you are making complex goods for consumers.

At the other hand, your neighbor has a pig-farm, and he's about to turn his farmed-animals to meat. He must have workers willing to load pigs on the truck that will ship them to the slaughterhouses. Although, many workers are doing their job behind closed-doors. The another factory must be required to process the meat that will be consumed as food. Overtime there's problems on the farm. Most meat is shipped via trucks, or trains, or even ships.

If You Are Eating Meat

If you are eating meat; you are supporting the cruel meat industry. Many of these industries are trying to fool some people by displaying misleading ads on TV. And they also trying to keep undercover cameras out of their farm. It's kind of like DRM.

However, there's a large catch; animal rights groups are using undercover cameras to take videos of cruelty found on factory-farms. Since DRM can be broken overtime, this is what happens to the pig farm what your Neighbor has. It will be mentioned later on this post.

If You Are A Vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian; you are choosing to leave meat off your plate. It's kind of like choosing open-source. You don't have any animals on your farm. You just only have plants growing in your farmer's plantation. If you have 2000 people choosing a vegetarian diet each day, more gardens will be grown for food.

What's Happening To The Meat Industries?

The catch for this industry, many workers are caught abusing animals. DRM-protected content may result to infection on your computer, that compares to people suffering a disease found in meats what they're eating. Many workers are arrested for cruelty of animals,--resulting their industry being shut down. It's kind of like pulling DRM-protected content off of market shelves. That compares to a giant meat recall at all stores in the US!

The Verdict:

The gatherer/gardener who has a plantation with lots of plants to eat is DRM-Free. So the plantation wins the battle. DRM is defective by design.

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