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Jul 23, 2014

What To Do If You Added Your Creative Commons Licensed E-books On Scribd, and Somehow it's Stored to Their Copyright-Filtering System Such As Book ID

Hello again, all readers! I usually write stories and how-to tutorials (a new topic) on this blog. But I have a news to tell. Do you know your E-books that are CC-licensed are submitted to the copyright-filtering system, such as Book ID? I'm not kidding! This is the trap for some users who will get their accounts terminated for no reason.

This story starts off with my work added to their listings via Draft2Digital:

Check out my auto-generated profile when adding my E-books to their listings! I read some info about Scribd's Article about Book ID all right, but it didn't have any exclusion feature to exclude CC-licensed content from their database. I'm a concerned author who want other readers to safely reuse my work. But don't let this flawed system fool you,--if you are a publisher or author.

So I went to Scribd's support desk, and E-mailed them a request to remove my work from the Book ID system. But this is NOT a DMCA notice. If I were you, tell the admin about this issue,--regarding their copyright-filtering system. If you received a confirmation E-mail from the support system, be sure to write the following:

This is NOT a DMCA notice. I'm just a concerned author or publisher.

So I went to their terms of use on their site, it didn't even mention about CC-licensed content that is not supposed to be placed in this copyright-protection system that can wrongly inhibit reuse of CC-licensed E-books. This is the nightmare for all creators who license E-books under creative commons licenses what their choosing.

What happens if you tried to reuse my CC-licensed E-books on Scribd?

If you had an existing Scribd account, and you are reading my books what I just published,--displayed on my auto-generated profile, and you are about to reuse my work, and remix it. You republished a remixed version of my work. Here's what you need to look for:

  • A valid Creative Commons license what I just applied to my E-book. I usually had it on my Front page of my book, and it's also a title page.
  • Look for 'Some Rights Reserved', via the copyright statement.
  • Below it You can see the Creative Commons license statement. Click on the link to open the copy of the license. Be sure to open it in the new window. Read them carefully!
  • Check if you don't have any copyright notices sent to you.
  • Varify your remixed version of my work is in good standing,--not removed. Placing a link back to my original E-book, and my auto-generated profile page will give me credit. What you are doing is siting sources, so others can find my original work.
  • If your Work is CC-licensed like mine; make sure it obtains a same license applied to my work.

If you discovered your remixed work has been removed, and you received a copyright notice; most likely the Book ID is defective by design!

How did it happened?

  • According to their article, their system scans and detect matches of the book that is published on Scribd. The actual original book written by an author owns the copyright for his/her work. He/she reserves all of her rights, if an unauthorized copy of his/her work has been uploaded to their site, it's taken down.
  • Books that are stored in the database called reference files is submitted by the copyright owner. For an example; a corporate publishing company that you know.

If it happens to you, or an author, caused by the defective Book ID system. You can still dispute the Book ID removal.

If You Still Received these malicious copyright notices, what to Do?

Spread the word about an issue,--regarding reusing my projects by any social media. You can also contact me by clicking 'E-mail the Author; button on this blog. Tell me what's happening when reusing my work, and I'll investigate the problem. Be sure to provide a text-based message,--explaining what's happening.

These malicious thugs are overdoing it! It's bad to wrongfully had their Scribd Account taken down when reusing CC-licensed content. That's some people didn't understand at all.

Share this post with your friends with any social media. Feel free to leave comments on this post. If your Scribd account has been terminated for no reason when reusing my wwork that is CC-licensed, most likely Scribd is may be to blame for their wrongful practices with their copyright system.

If you still have problems, you can read my work elsewhere. I delisted my work from Scribd.

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