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Welcome to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Status! A place where you can get status updates about our websites,--ranging from recent problems, fixes, changes, and other status reports of our website itself.

Okay, if you were following this blog earlier... we have moved to our new site to enable us to manage our content without any worries. We are cleaning up this blog for the purpose of making room for our status posts.

Use the search box above our site to search for our status posts what you wanted to read. This is useful if you wanted to find out our previous status of our websites. Or browse our posts here.

Common Issues:

  • Outdated posts that requires updating.
  • Widget visibility needs to be reconfigured.
  • Bot traffic consuming resources, botnets where bad bots originate from.
  • Unnecessary widgets, and posts that needs to be removed to make room for newer posts that needs to fill a new spot.
  • Removal of Chitika-based ad units,--due to Chitika's discontinuation of supporting PayPal as a payment platform. We rely on paypal because, its easier for us to keep our sites running.
  • Problems that are already fixed or being fixed:

  • Improved the "Advertise Here" page with one ad format available for advertisers. That also includes a PayPal button,--enabling us to sell ad slots to advertisers directly.
  • Migrated "Privacy Policy" page to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support subdomain.
  • Adjusted Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Forums color scheme to resolve issues with content that is visual for some visitors.
  • Removed BuddyPress feature,--due to issues with our multinetwork site.
  • Minor typographical edits and fixes.
  • Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (main story), and other fantasy-related content will be receiving edits to edit all stories. All posts will be fully edited by the next several weeks.