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Oct 25, 2019

We're NOT Going To Give Up Publishing Our Content

We are still finding ways to publish our content on a regular basis, but we are still figuring out how we're going to provide new content on a regular basis. However; we have relaunched our forums for our users to build up a community on our website.

Our old Chromebook what we currently have is going below our performing standards when developing our website, and we have to use our mobile device, and use offline editors to work around these issues. So far, we managed to write a long post on our dream blog as a solution to cope with our machines that are heading towards a major replacement.

We are still developing digital products to be downloaded for free, or bought,--so you can fully support our website.

We also launched our own classifieds platform for people like you to advertise our website. Our previous advertising page will be rewritten to enable our customers to advertise for free!

Our premium content is still on the works for our loyal customers who like to read content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. We are still finding ways to diversify our content as a way to prevent cluttering of our content.

What's Launched On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

We launched Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer for our users to create websites for free.

Our website will be operational for years to come. If you found any new issues with our website, please let us know by leaving comments below this post.

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