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Nov 17, 2019

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer Is Currently Down With A Catastrophic Failure

If you were recently trying to Access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer, most likely our website where we offer free content to read, and run your own blogs is currently down, and we're currently planning a rebuild of our website to get ourselves back in working order, however; our our premium version of our website is still active, and we're currently getting ready to publish more of our premium content, and implement communities for members to join as they subscribe to these communities.

How Did The Catastrophic Failure Occurred?

Okay, we're about to update our CMS as a way to enjoy new features of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as a way to experience new features. However; this failure has caused us to lose our precious content, and lose our ads what we've implemented. These posts what we published as a beauty on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy were gone for good,--after an update to our CMS failed. Well, we managed to get Fairies Dreams & Fantasy back up without any further problems!

We tried our backups of our websites to bring back our precious platform for our users who signed up. This is our first experience with data loss, and failure of our platform, and we have to find ways to prevent further catastrophees from striking in the future. Common ways to avoid this mistake is by reinstalling software, and clearing away potentially unwanted glitches and bugs. Well, reinstalling does fix some problems.

What We Are Planning To Do?

Rebuild our blogging platform,--this is necessary to keep users happy, and enable the poor to become bloggers like usual. Without this Critical platform; our users who wanted to run websites may leave our website,--if free versions of running a website doesn't exist. The Key to running our free platform is key to enable the poor to become bloggers, and monetize their blogs in the future. Or alternatively, we can refactor our hosting platform via Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium, and add a request form to enable users to host their own website with a subscription.

Are You Just Curious About This Catastrophee?

That compares to power failure on a big city!

This is a reference to a blackout in New York City.

Although; website failures do exist, and many webmasters like us often deal with these disasters online. Even big websites owned by large companies can go down.

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