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Jun 20, 2018

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Still Getting Hot Fixes To Its Content

Our main website where you read fictional content is still getting hot fixes, but these fixes are now in progress. We have to update some of these posts, these posts, and even pages are receiving periodic updates to update older content for readers to view our content like a book; we are still trying to reach 10,000 words as we try to write long posts to please our readers. If you are a subscriber to this website, please be aware of these posts being arranged like pages in the book, content may be choppy, or not as relevant what you've expected to be.

The main site is still being refactored to rewrite all of the content previously published on a previous blog, just like where you're actually at! But don't panic... this is just a status blog.

Thanks for your patience, in the meantime; our site will be clean, and rewritten like an updated ebook, and all content will be current,--after a major cleanup.

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