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Aug 8, 2020

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Migrating To A Virtual Private Server To Host Self-Hosted Videos!

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved to a virtual private server as a way to gain control of our content. This move is necessary to help our website expand, and even help to get our own videos hosted... as an alternative to YouTube.

A Note To Visitors

Due to Fairies dreams & Fantasy current migration; please don't log into your account and post content. Once our migration is successful, we will keep you posted as a way to let you know about our new status of our website.


The following changes has been implemented on our website:

  • Replaced reseller hosting with VPS hosting to enable us to have at least 20 users as our website grows.
  • Updated TOU pages and other documentation behind the scenes.
  • Rendered some content on our website free to reduce use of credit cards.

Current Projects

We are still writing premium content offline as a way to help prevent our screen-readers from crashing.

Refactoring entertaining content as a way to help our readers read our entertaining content with a timed format. This is necessary to schedule our content to be published on a regular basis.

Current Site Issues During Migration

The Fairies dreams & Fantasy Arcade and other subdomains containing static content is experiencing too many redirects! This is common when migrating from one platform to the another.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Search isn't functional at this moment because, redirects has been causing our visitors not to use our search engine.

What's In The works

Mobile version of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is currently being developed, you are free to take a closer look of our mobile site using static content... without needing to use a CMS!

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