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Apr 9, 2016

We've Experienced A downTime On Our Site & the Fix Is Applied

To all users of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

We discovered our website has gone down at 12:00. We're not sure why our site; has experienced a downtime. We went to the support center to chat with a pro. We provided more info about our difficulties.

What the experts said; they found the problem with the plugin; Simple Ajax Chat. This plugin was defective because, it must've caused our site to go down. Here's what we just did to further resolve a problem with our site:

We navigated to our plugins directory, and deleted the plugin,--after we deactivated it from our site. Maybe this plugin has been left untouched for years.

Right now; this problem has been resolved. And our site is ready to visit, and signup.

Sometimes we have to get used with downtimes when our hosts have our sites in their servers under maintenance.

There are some reasons some sites may have a downtime:

  • Web-hosting companies often update/upgrade servers to enable faster performance for their sites. They change many units to keep their sites running smoothly. They change hard disks, memory, processors, and they often change circuit boards. Cause servers get hot in server rooms; they often run Air-Conditioners to keep their server rooms cool, even during the scorching summer days. There's no windows in a server room like most hosts who set servers to run in the dark environment. Most shared hosting has multiple sites in one server, maybe 1 site per disk.
  • Sometimes power outages can make your site go down. Power upgrades are necessary to make hosting run in low power.
  • Maintaining your server is kind of like home maintenance. Servers at home need to use dedicated power supplies to keep them going. Most web-hosts often use them to keep their customer's sites running.

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