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Nov 17, 2019

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium Has Been Connected To Our Multisite

To users of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium,
Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium has been connected to our multisite to enable users to quickly access other content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. This changes addresses these issues that may cause users to create multiple accounts across Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. There are some other issues what we've addressed, regarding account creation across our website via dedicated instances of software like WordPress.

These following changes has fixed a couple of issues listed below:

Refactored Website To Rely On Our Multisite Network

The multisite network has been redesigned to enable our premium users to sign into their accounts to easily access premium content what we're offering. Now we're using BuddyPress as a way to enable users to become members, and participate posting our dicussion forums. Our premium content has been successfully migrated to our multisite as a way to help our website reduce costs of running our premium content. We've implemented ways to remove ads from paying premium members. However; if you were previously registered on our dedicated instance of our premium website, you may need to regain access to your account. If you have trouble logging in, you may need to visit a page to recover your account, and create a new password, however; our premium website is still in the works; rebuilding our membership website.

If you believe you have trouble accessing your account; follow these steps:

  1. Go to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium and navigate to the Login In link.
  2. Click on "lost password" or something similar, and follow the instructions. If you have an email associated with your account; enter your email address.
  3. After following these prompts, log into your account to confirm if you have access to your account. If your account isn't found, most likely, your account hasn't been imported correctly with our CSV file that is faulty, and you may need to recreate your account.

If you didn't have an account with us, no further action is necessary!

Redesigned Plans to Help Customers Make affordable Choices

If you were a recent subscriber of our website, and you were subscribed to our ad-free plans to access premium content, your plans may be lowered via prices because, this is necessary to implement affordable memberships as a way to help low income internet users consume content with/without an account. Ad-supported content has been refactored as a way to help reduce ad clutter.

We've also updated our home website as a way to comply with current laws that enforces truth of advertising laws what we heard of, and we're trying to go forward with our projects.

What's New

Here are the folew features being added to our premium website:

  • New plans that are ranging from a smallest dollar amount to a higher amount. Monthly is common.
  • Added forums to premium website with upcoming forums for members to communicate with other members. This is necessary for this website to have users post discussions.
  • Added a "Disclosure" link at the navigation bar to disclose use of affiliate links used within our premium content.
  • Added capabilities to vote on our forums.
  • Reimplemented Creative Commons license to enable other people to reuse our work.

Upcoming Changes

Our TOS page will be updated to further detail our terms displayed when accepting our terms displayed for more users. A "Learn More" link will be added to further get details of each term.

The Privacy Policy page will be updated on our central support website. All articles will be updated. To ensure our support articles to be remain free for anyone, ads will be implemented. However; all help articles will be refactored, and previous versions of our articles will be removed to make way for new articles.

Video tutorials will be published on our support site as a way to grow our support website.

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