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Dec 13, 2018

We are still experiencing our machine problems

To all readers and visitors of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,
We are experiencing issues with our machines at home, and a screen-reader what we're currently using is not working right. We are planning on getting ourselves a new set of machinery for our production of our content. We are doing our best to keep ourselves up and running.

However, we are still able to develop our text-adventure games on our arcade section of our website. That way; you can play text-based games as we try to figure out if our current machines are working right, or in some cases, our machines has been technically totalled. If we determined our machines were totalled; we have to get them replaced, and recycle older machines to make room for our new machines.

Thanks for your patience; we will find ways to keep our site up to date, and keep our site current.

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