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Jun 11, 2020

We have a new Chromebook to keep our website active with new content... We're back in business Writing Content For Our Readers!

To all Fairies Dreams & Fantasains,
We are proud to announce our successful objective, getting a new Chromebook. Fortunately, we managed to buy a Chromebook at Walmart, and we are finally going back to work. New content will be delivered like usual, and we are going to update our websites, and reformat our website as a way for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to evolve.

Here are the following issues what we've encountered as we tried to use our other devices for keeping our websites up to date:

  • Lagging machines that caused us to rely on small amounts of ram when trying to write long posts offline, but we are still flashing our updates as a way to help get our posts updated as a way to fix errors.
  • Addressed issues with our constant crashes on weak machines like our Nextbook laptop.
  • Addressed faulty TalkBack's limits on both Android TV and Laptop.

Now, we have a new Chromebook, and we're currently getting use to these controls what we were familiar with, after we have used an Acer C7 Chromebook for about 8 years.

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