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Nov 28, 2015

Good News! Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved to our new site

I'm proud to announce our new site where Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved successfully to our new web-hosting service that is free of pollution. We moved to our new website: The reason why we moved to our new website because, We're trying to get further control with our content. We chosen to move to Wordpress because, it's an open-source platform. However; we'll keep our older blog running.

Did you Notice we changed the Title of our older blog to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Status? We're clearing these old and unviewed posts for making room for our status posts. That enables you to find out what's new with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. for example; fixes to our content, site updates, new features that you never discovered before.

Our newer version of our site has the first ever features:

  • Removed footer ads, and replace it with a PayPal donation button. Why we implemented this button, so users can support our new blog to keep it going.
  • Relies on a light text on a dark background, just like our legacy blog. Our newer blog has this same format, but different.
  • Categories that are easy to setup, and we're still building categories, and topical tags to sort our web content.
  • Like our posts on this legacy blog, we imported them to make it easier for us to edit, and update older posts, such as Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story) gets some updates, and a makeover to our story. This is necessary for our site to have better content.
  • We've learned to use shortcodes to add function to our site, and we learned to use plugins to add functions to our site. Added Creative Commons Licenses to our posts to keep Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Free to Reuse.

We're still constructing our new front page. We're building the spotlight for some readers of our website to quickly enter our common topics of our blog. We've planned to offer premium content, butt premium content will be coming soon,--after we had finished our front page of our site.

We've cleaned up parts of our blog to remove unwanted posts, and pages to keep our site on topic. We tried our best to varify if our website is getting new visitors each day. But we have to restart from scratch.

We've also established our new Sitemap for some users who wanted to find some posts on our site. Our site Also has an updated Privacy Policy page, and a banner that notifies some users around the world,--telling them our site uses cookies.

Notable issues with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy on Blogger:

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy isn't able to install paywalls on Blogger blogs because, there's no way for us to built a paywall to hide premium content.

If our blog is deleted for spam, but our blog is not spam; that will be a disaster for some readers. We have to move to the new platform earlier as possible to protect our independence.

Like most free blogging platforms; they're subject to flaws, and limitations.

Please note:

All posts that were imported to Wordpress will be cleared from this blog,--so we can publish status posts for some readers who were wondering about our blog.

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