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Nov 28, 2019

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support Has Been Refactored

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support has been reconnected to a WordPress multisite as a way to reduce costs of running our website, and integrate it to our primary network.

The TOU page, the Privacy Policy page, and the Disclosure page is still intact and unchanged. This is necessary to reformat Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as a way to streamline our website to use our network. Other websites such as Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Ads, and other features are NOT changed.


The following changes addresses these following issues with our support website:

  • Deleted dedicated instance of WordPress, and recreated our support site. A dedicated install of WordPress has been removed as a way to reintegrate our support website to our main multisite. This experiment has resulted to an expensive storage costs of our website.
  • Chose 2017 theme to keep this website classic.
  • Refactored contact forms for customers to send email to get support from a website operator.
  • Plugins support has been removed,--along with "Content Reuse Center... due to multisite subsites that may be to difficult to manage overtime.

This necessary change has also fixed issues with users quickly locating to our support website. This measure has addressed other issues with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself.

This change has also removed an effort to log into multiple accounts as a way to maintain dedicated installs of WordPress.

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