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May 7, 2017

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story) Gets Some Hot Edits to Fix Problems With Posts Being Written As Chapters In A Book

All Posts will be receiving hot fixes to fix common problems with our content. But due to the problem with my computer itself... I have to take extreme editing efforts to get my posts updated in order. That means, these posts on our main site will be updated constantly,--for the purpose of slowing down our content being published with extremely long posts that will be published in the later date.

Mar 19, 2017

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Fights Comment Spam With A New Form Of CAPTCHA... And Evolves To A Multisite

We're proud to announce we are relying on a new kind of CAPTCHA by using a new plugin on our WordPress multisite. This powerful plugin what we're using is going to help keep comment spammers out of our websites. Okay, if you don't know what is invisible CAPTCHA is... its a plugin that enables you to block all comment spam at its source.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has also evolved into a multisite as a way to further sort content,--this is our method to unclutter our website,--after we moved from this original blog what you're currently at. This form of cleanup is still in progress,--after we have reviewed our content what we just posted on our website. We also brought our color scheme with us for the purpose of keeping our style matched to our new website.

Apr 9, 2016

We've Experienced A downTime On Our Site & the Fix Is Applied

To all users of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

We discovered our website has gone down at 12:00. We're not sure why our site; fairiesdreamsfantasy.com/ has experienced a downtime. We went to the support center to chat with a pro. We provided more info about our difficulties.

What the experts said; they found the problem with the plugin; Simple Ajax Chat. This plugin was defective because, it must've caused our site to go down. Here's what we just did to further resolve a problem with our site:

We navigated to our plugins directory, and deleted the plugin,--after we deactivated it from our site. Maybe this plugin has been left untouched for years.

Right now; this problem has been resolved. And our site is ready to visit, and signup.

Sometimes we have to get used with downtimes when our hosts have our sites in their servers under maintenance.

There are some reasons some sites may have a downtime:

  • Web-hosting companies often update/upgrade servers to enable faster performance for their sites. They change many units to keep their sites running smoothly. They change hard disks, memory, processors, and they often change circuit boards. Cause servers get hot in server rooms; they often run Air-Conditioners to keep their server rooms cool, even during the scorching summer days. There's no windows in a server room like most hosts who set servers to run in the dark environment. Most shared hosting has multiple sites in one server, maybe 1 site per disk.
  • Sometimes power outages can make your site go down. Power upgrades are necessary to make hosting run in low power.
  • Maintaining your server is kind of like home maintenance. Servers at home need to use dedicated power supplies to keep them going. Most web-hosts often use them to keep their customer's sites running.

Nov 28, 2015

Good News! Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved to our new site

I'm proud to announce our new site where Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved successfully to our new web-hosting service that is free of pollution. We moved to our new website: fairiesdreamsfantasy.com. The reason why we moved to our new website because, We're trying to get further control with our content. We chosen to move to Wordpress because, it's an open-source platform. However; we'll keep our older blog running.

Did you Notice we changed the Title of our older blog to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Status? We're clearing these old and unviewed posts for making room for our status posts. That enables you to find out what's new with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. for example; fixes to our content, site updates, new features that you never discovered before.

Our newer version of our site has the first ever features:

  • Removed footer ads, and replace it with a PayPal donation button. Why we implemented this button, so users can support our new blog to keep it going.
  • Relies on a light text on a dark background, just like our legacy blog. Our newer blog has this same format, but different.
  • Categories that are easy to setup, and we're still building categories, and topical tags to sort our web content.
  • Like our posts on this legacy blog, we imported them to make it easier for us to edit, and update older posts, such as Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story) gets some updates, and a makeover to our story. This is necessary for our site to have better content.
  • We've learned to use shortcodes to add function to our site, and we learned to use plugins to add functions to our site. Added Creative Commons Licenses to our posts to keep Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Free to Reuse.

We're still constructing our new front page. We're building the spotlight for some readers of our website to quickly enter our common topics of our blog. We've planned to offer premium content, butt premium content will be coming soon,--after we had finished our front page of our site.

We've cleaned up parts of our blog to remove unwanted posts, and pages to keep our site on topic. We tried our best to varify if our website is getting new visitors each day. But we have to restart from scratch.

We've also established our new Sitemap for some users who wanted to find some posts on our site. Our site Also has an updated Privacy Policy page, and a banner that notifies some users around the world,--telling them our site uses cookies.

Notable issues with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy on Blogger:

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy isn't able to install paywalls on Blogger blogs because, there's no way for us to built a paywall to hide premium content.

If our blog is deleted for spam, but our blog is not spam; that will be a disaster for some readers. We have to move to the new platform earlier as possible to protect our independence.

Like most free blogging platforms; they're subject to flaws, and limitations.

Please note:

All posts that were imported to Wordpress will be cleared from this blog,--so we can publish status posts for some readers who were wondering about our blog.

Aug 25, 2014

How To Extend Your DRM-Free E-book projects & Why you should Allow open-source Communities To Reuse Them

I'm still working on my draft E-books. And I'm still extending my project That is DRM-Free. My goal is allow open-source communities to reuse them. This tutorial will show you how to extend your DRM-Free E-book project, and allow open-source communities to reuse them.

Aug 18, 2014

Curious How I Started Believing In Fairies, and How Did I flown With Them?

This is the highlights of my story about how did I started believing in fairies, and flown with them. I had a complex dream about them. However, I still believing in fairies today. Well, you are NEVER too old to believe in fairies. It's okay to believe in fairies while you're grown up. But don't let anyone say: "You are too old for fairies." Because, it's bad to say it to someone.

Aug 6, 2014

E-Book Authors Are Under Fire? Yes There Are In My Opinion

Some E-book authors didn't even understand! Whenever you are publishing a book under ANY self-publishing platform what you've currently using; most of them have guidelines when publishing an E-book; some people has claimed these guidelines are violating their publishing rights. And many of their self-publishing accounts are terminated without warning, or with a neglectful matter.

Some E-book authors are so upset because, they don't want technological measures applied to their work,--after they chosen Scribd to sell their work,--after selecting desired vendors by any self-publishing platform. At this case, I listed my E-book to Scribd, and somehow it's placed under technological measures, the screen-reader what I'm using on a Chromebook discovered garbled text. Scribd's copy-protection is actually violating the CC-license what I've just applied to my book earlier. This is a bad thing if you are publishing a book that is licensed under Creative Commons licenses. What a violation they've just did! Free Software Foundation has condemned use of DRM or other copy-protection schemes as unnecessary.

The Sleepiest Town Fights Pollution

It's night time in this old town, the streets are quiet, and the moon lights up the sky,--along with some stars. I was drinking tea late night. My fairy, Annie is working with the electric boiler for heat this fall. The house what I'm recently owning is darkened, so I can save power. Outside, I can see some villagers getting ready to sleep. But they have concerns,--regarding pollution in this town.

Jul 29, 2014

How to apply light text on a dark background on your blog

You looked around my blog all right, and you are interested of doing this trick to your blog? This tutorial will show you how to apply light text on a dark background.

Why light text on a dark background?

Say if you had a CRT monitor connected to your computer, and your blog uses dark text on a lighted background. The lit background consumes more energy,--causing climate change. That can be problematic for some people who wanted to conserve energy in some states,--where power is used constantly. The coal-burning plant is burning more fuel as your monitor with a lit background with black text,--just like a paperback book. Well, paper from trees can lead to climate change too!

Our sites relying on dark text on lit background still consumes power.

Jul 23, 2014

What To Do If You Added Your Creative Commons Licensed E-books On Scribd, and Somehow it's Stored to Their Copyright-Filtering System Such As Book ID

Hello again, all readers! I usually write stories and how-to tutorials (a new topic) on this blog. But I have a news to tell. Do you know your E-books that are CC-licensed are submitted to the copyright-filtering system, such as Book ID? I'm not kidding! This is the trap for some users who will get their accounts terminated for no reason.