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Mar 19, 2017

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Fights Comment Spam With A New Form Of CAPTCHA... And Evolves To A Multisite

We're proud to announce we are relying on a new kind of CAPTCHA by using a new plugin on our WordPress multisite. This powerful plugin what we're using is going to help keep comment spammers out of our websites. Okay, if you don't know what is invisible CAPTCHA is... its a plugin that enables you to block all comment spam at its source.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has also evolved into a multisite as a way to further sort content,--this is our method to unclutter our website,--after we moved from this original blog what you're currently at. This form of cleanup is still in progress,--after we have reviewed our content what we just posted on our website. We also brought our color scheme with us for the purpose of keeping our style matched to our new website.

What Does It Mean To Legitimate Commenters

By the next time you comment on our websites,--whether if you were sending thoughts about our content, or a question. It will be easier for you to comment without needing to fill in the fields via varification.

This is why we implemented this feature:

  • Reduce resources loading on our servers. This is not limited to reducing bandwith, databases, and other important resources. Since spammers has been relying on automated scripts to send comments that are questionable. Such as unpaid advertising, unwanted affiliate links, and other comments containing email addresses hijacked by spammers around the world.
  • If you never seen these comments like this before, most likely; nobody is actually submitting a comment on your website, and there's no views of your posts or pages. Since we encountered lots of spammers flooding our resources, we tried many efforts to keep them out.
  • Now these spam comments are gone for good! Now we can able to continue writing our content like normal.

    About the evolution to multisite for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.

    This is the transformation that is currently taking place with our new website itself. The reason why we are constantly building our site because, here are our goals after we finally cleaned up this website:

  • Provide better content.
  • Take full control of our website without any worries.
  • Proposal to upload our media directly on our site to keep our independent media on our site,--without using any third party hosts.
  • This is a necessary practice to protect our independence against unlawful censorship, copyfraud, unfair content deletion, and more.
  • By the next time you visit our new site, and read our content what we just updating currently; you'll spot the difference with our content hosted on our own site.


    The following changes is an issue regarding content, widgets, and layouts of our site:

  • Removed Google Recaptcha BP plugin from our website during an upgrade to an all new invisible version of Recaptcha.
  • Relocated our privacy policy page to our support site that is currently being developed.
  • Removed Shareaholic plugin to help reduce cluttering of our content and ads.
  • Rewritten disclosure pages.
  • Added comment form messages to let users know about these comments posted on this multisite.
  • Partially rewritten our Terms Of Use page to keep copyfraudsters out.
  • Fixed widget visibility settings.
  • Added a view counter widget to count views on our websites.
  • Disabled Akismet to prevent false-positives.
  • Removed Leaky Paywall, Rotating Banners, and Bitmonet plugins due to inaccessible features that are NOT designed for blind webmasters.
  • Added a secondary search box to enable users to search for content quickly.
  • Added spam-protection for contact forms to receive legitimate responses.
  • Removed unwanted Ad Units that went over limits for certain ad networks.
  • Proposal to host our own ads in the future.
  • Removed Google Consumer Surveys due to lack of special monetization for the blind.
  • Connected to Cloudflare to speed up loading time for our website.
  • Installed Creative Commons Configurator and activated it network wide for easy setup.
  • Installed Header & Footer plugin to keep code intact when changing themes.
  • Removed S2 Member plugin due to lack of full features,--doesn't offer an ability to setup an advertiser account for this entire website.
  • Created an advertise page for advertisers who wanted to advertise on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy.
  • Forum launched for the public to discuss about any topics available.
  • Writer version of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is now available.
  • Removed Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium due to certain membership plugins that are too limited to handle multisite features.
  • Reactivated Wp Supercache to speed up pageloads.
  • And more
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