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May 7, 2017

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story) Gets Some Hot Edits to Fix Problems With Posts Being Written As Chapters In A Book

All Posts will be receiving hot fixes to fix common problems with our content. But due to the problem with my computer itself... I have to take extreme editing efforts to get my posts updated in order. That means, these posts on our main site will be updated constantly,--for the purpose of slowing down our content being published with extremely long posts that will be published in the later date.
What does it mean for some readers and users on our website?
By the next time you are browsing our website, and reading our content... we will be constantly creating newer posts to read via a later date, that will remove some difficulties from our writing experience.
These hot edits may take some time for us to establish a fully-updated website. It may take some efforts, but thanks for your patients! We'll update this post to let you know if we resolved any of these errors of our storylines of our content. We'll also try to edit our work as we can to keep our first ever written project updated with new content, new posts, and new stories what we're trying to write from the ground up.

Current attempts to write long posts

We are attempting to lengthen our work to make it longer for our visitors to read our web content as a way to resolve all of our stale content,--after we moved it from this old blog what we're currently repurposing. But don't panic! We're are almost done cleaning up this old blog.
What we just experienced on our current computer... we having some trouble with a screen-reader,--due to bugs, and other issues. We are planning on getting ourself a new secondary computer as a way to keep us productive as our website grows up. But we're still going to stick with using Chromebooks, and we had a proposal to get a linux computer for advanced production. However; we reached a milestone of over 6000 words when we had a screen-reader Chromevox running.

Update for 5/16/17

We did some tiny fixes to our currently edited/updated posts,--trying to fix our mistakes.


We are still making minor fixes to our old posts... but we are figuring out how to keep our content up to date; and do some possible changes.

7/7/17 Update

We are still doing our best,--editing our posts, and keeping up with our projects. And we're NOT giving up with our site. We keep on trying,--until we finally fixed the problem. Our device what we're still using may still experience some problems that pushes it to the limites.

We are still doing our best to edit our posts, but our main story for our creative work will NOT be fully fixed,--until we successfully patched up all of these flaws.

11/13/17 Update

We added the another post that is slid into the very starting point of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story). We've made it to Chapter 0.4. And we're not giving up on our fictional stories. We have many posts to go to fix up all of the choppy stories that is not stable, and long to read. We're trying to make our posts as long as possible. We managed to add the another chapter. The good news is: we're using a 2-in-one tablet to write our content offline. This is necessary for us to keep in production of our work on our website.

We also did some little edits to our previous posts to fix up some paragraphs that are either too long, or too short.

Resolved Problems:

There's no resolved problems just yet...

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