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Oct 4, 2020

New Machines What We've Owned May Get Us Back To Our Main Project

To all readers of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

We have finally owned 2 new machines to work with our blogging projects as a way to provide fresh content for our readers to consume. However; we have to replace Microsoft Windows with Ubuntu linuLinux as a way to keep control of our machines and protect ourselves against malware.

We've also implemented new times for our writing hours as a way to automate our blogs as a way to provide fresh content to readers on a regular basis.

Expect updates to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy projects within the next few weeks.

Our newly functional laptop computer has enabled us to write on the go as a way to keep providing service to our readers.

Aug 8, 2020

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Migrating To A Virtual Private Server To Host Self-Hosted Videos!

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has moved to a virtual private server as a way to gain control of our content. This move is necessary to help our website expand, and even help to get our own videos hosted... as an alternative to YouTube.

Jun 11, 2020

We have a new Chromebook to keep our website active with new content... We're back in business Writing Content For Our Readers!

To all Fairies Dreams & Fantasains,
We are proud to announce our successful objective, getting a new Chromebook. Fortunately, we managed to buy a Chromebook at Walmart, and we are finally going back to work. New content will be delivered like usual, and we are going to update our websites, and reformat our website as a way for Fairies Dreams & Fantasy to evolve.

Here are the following issues what we've encountered as we tried to use our other devices for keeping our websites up to date:

  • Lagging machines that caused us to rely on small amounts of ram when trying to write long posts offline, but we are still flashing our updates as a way to help get our posts updated as a way to fix errors.
  • Addressed issues with our constant crashes on weak machines like our Nextbook laptop.
  • Addressed faulty TalkBack's limits on both Android TV and Laptop.

Now, we have a new Chromebook, and we're currently getting use to these controls what we were familiar with, after we have used an Acer C7 Chromebook for about 8 years.

Nov 28, 2019

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support Has Been Refactored

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Support has been reconnected to a WordPress multisite as a way to reduce costs of running our website, and integrate it to our primary network.

The TOU page, the Privacy Policy page, and the Disclosure page is still intact and unchanged. This is necessary to reformat Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as a way to streamline our website to use our network. Other websites such as Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Arcade, Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Ads, and other features are NOT changed.

Nov 17, 2019

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium Has Been Connected To Our Multisite

To users of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium,
Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium has been connected to our multisite to enable users to quickly access other content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. This changes addresses these issues that may cause users to create multiple accounts across Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. There are some other issues what we've addressed, regarding account creation across our website via dedicated instances of software like WordPress.

These following changes has fixed a couple of issues listed below:

Refactored Website To Rely On Our Multisite Network

The multisite network has been redesigned to enable our premium users to sign into their accounts to easily access premium content what we're offering. Now we're using BuddyPress as a way to enable users to become members, and participate posting our dicussion forums. Our premium content has been successfully migrated to our multisite as a way to help our website reduce costs of running our premium content. We've implemented ways to remove ads from paying premium members. However; if you were previously registered on our dedicated instance of our premium website, you may need to regain access to your account. If you have trouble logging in, you may need to visit a page to recover your account, and create a new password, however; our premium website is still in the works; rebuilding our membership website.

If you believe you have trouble accessing your account; follow these steps:

  1. Go to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium and navigate to the Login In link.
  2. Click on "lost password" or something similar, and follow the instructions. If you have an email associated with your account; enter your email address.
  3. After following these prompts, log into your account to confirm if you have access to your account. If your account isn't found, most likely, your account hasn't been imported correctly with our CSV file that is faulty, and you may need to recreate your account.

If you didn't have an account with us, no further action is necessary!

Redesigned Plans to Help Customers Make affordable Choices

If you were a recent subscriber of our website, and you were subscribed to our ad-free plans to access premium content, your plans may be lowered via prices because, this is necessary to implement affordable memberships as a way to help low income internet users consume content with/without an account. Ad-supported content has been refactored as a way to help reduce ad clutter.

We've also updated our home website as a way to comply with current laws that enforces truth of advertising laws what we heard of, and we're trying to go forward with our projects.

What's New

Here are the folew features being added to our premium website:

  • New plans that are ranging from a smallest dollar amount to a higher amount. Monthly is common.
  • Added forums to premium website with upcoming forums for members to communicate with other members. This is necessary for this website to have users post discussions.
  • Added a "Disclosure" link at the navigation bar to disclose use of affiliate links used within our premium content.
  • Added capabilities to vote on our forums.
  • Reimplemented Creative Commons license to enable other people to reuse our work.

Upcoming Changes

Our TOS page will be updated to further detail our terms displayed when accepting our terms displayed for more users. A "Learn More" link will be added to further get details of each term.

The Privacy Policy page will be updated on our central support website. All articles will be updated. To ensure our support articles to be remain free for anyone, ads will be implemented. However; all help articles will be refactored, and previous versions of our articles will be removed to make way for new articles.

Video tutorials will be published on our support site as a way to grow our support website.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer Is Currently Down With A Catastrophic Failure

If you were recently trying to Access Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer, most likely our website where we offer free content to read, and run your own blogs is currently down, and we're currently planning a rebuild of our website to get ourselves back in working order, however; our our premium version of our website is still active, and we're currently getting ready to publish more of our premium content, and implement communities for members to join as they subscribe to these communities.

How Did The Catastrophic Failure Occurred?

Okay, we're about to update our CMS as a way to enjoy new features of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy as a way to experience new features. However; this failure has caused us to lose our precious content, and lose our ads what we've implemented. These posts what we published as a beauty on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy were gone for good,--after an update to our CMS failed. Well, we managed to get Fairies Dreams & Fantasy back up without any further problems!

We tried our backups of our websites to bring back our precious platform for our users who signed up. This is our first experience with data loss, and failure of our platform, and we have to find ways to prevent further catastrophees from striking in the future. Common ways to avoid this mistake is by reinstalling software, and clearing away potentially unwanted glitches and bugs. Well, reinstalling does fix some problems.

What We Are Planning To Do?

Rebuild our blogging platform,--this is necessary to keep users happy, and enable the poor to become bloggers like usual. Without this Critical platform; our users who wanted to run websites may leave our website,--if free versions of running a website doesn't exist. The Key to running our free platform is key to enable the poor to become bloggers, and monetize their blogs in the future. Or alternatively, we can refactor our hosting platform via Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Premium, and add a request form to enable users to host their own website with a subscription.

Are You Just Curious About This Catastrophee?

That compares to power failure on a big city!

This is a reference to a blackout in New York City.

Although; website failures do exist, and many webmasters like us often deal with these disasters online. Even big websites owned by large companies can go down.

Oct 25, 2019

We're NOT Going To Give Up Publishing Our Content

We are still finding ways to publish our content on a regular basis, but we are still figuring out how we're going to provide new content on a regular basis. However; we have relaunched our forums for our users to build up a community on our website.

Our old Chromebook what we currently have is going below our performing standards when developing our website, and we have to use our mobile device, and use offline editors to work around these issues. So far, we managed to write a long post on our dream blog as a solution to cope with our machines that are heading towards a major replacement.

We are still developing digital products to be downloaded for free, or bought,--so you can fully support our website.

We also launched our own classifieds platform for people like you to advertise our website. Our previous advertising page will be rewritten to enable our customers to advertise for free!

Our premium content is still on the works for our loyal customers who like to read content on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. We are still finding ways to diversify our content as a way to prevent cluttering of our content.

What's Launched On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy

We launched Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer for our users to create websites for free.

Our website will be operational for years to come. If you found any new issues with our website, please let us know by leaving comments below this post.

Aug 4, 2019

Our 2-inone Android Laptop is now running with a new adapter

To all visitors of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,
We've just finally got our down laptop running again. We have to order a new part to replace an OEM adapter because, we believe defective parts are the known issue when using our laptop.

Unfortunately, our old Chromebook is slowly going out, but we are using it to run other apps like rewardable apps that can still work. However; we do have a plan to replace our old Chromebook with a newer version as a way to stay in production.

Don't worry, we are still finding ways to work around an issue with our 2-in-one device itself. We are finding ways to keep our site current. Keeping our content up to date is a way to keep providing entertaining content.

Jan 13, 2019

We are back in production

We are now finally back in production on our main website. However; we are relying on a WordPress app to publish our content because, our screen-readers are kind of breaking down. We can still write long posts, and we can still publish content on our websites.

As soon as we get new machines for our production of our websites; we can produce more content.

Our production of our website content may take some time as we write new posts.

Dec 13, 2018

We are still experiencing our machine problems

To all readers and visitors of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,
We are experiencing issues with our machines at home, and a screen-reader what we're currently using is not working right. We are planning on getting ourselves a new set of machinery for our production of our content. We are doing our best to keep ourselves up and running.

However, we are still able to develop our text-adventure games on our arcade section of our website. That way; you can play text-based games as we try to figure out if our current machines are working right, or in some cases, our machines has been technically totalled. If we determined our machines were totalled; we have to get them replaced, and recycle older machines to make room for our new machines.

Thanks for your patience; we will find ways to keep our site up to date, and keep our site current.