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Aug 4, 2019

Our 2-inone Android Laptop is now running with a new adapter

To all visitors of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,
We've just finally got our down laptop running again. We have to order a new part to replace an OEM adapter because, we believe defective parts are the known issue when using our laptop.

Unfortunately, our old Chromebook is slowly going out, but we are using it to run other apps like rewardable apps that can still work. However; we do have a plan to replace our old Chromebook with a newer version as a way to stay in production.

Don't worry, we are still finding ways to work around an issue with our 2-in-one device itself. We are finding ways to keep our site current. Keeping our content up to date is a way to keep providing entertaining content.

Jan 13, 2019

We are back in production

We are now finally back in production on our main website. However; we are relying on a WordPress app to publish our content because, our screen-readers are kind of breaking down. We can still write long posts, and we can still publish content on our websites.

As soon as we get new machines for our production of our websites; we can produce more content.

Our production of our website content may take some time as we write new posts.

Dec 13, 2018

We are still experiencing our machine problems

To all readers and visitors of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy,
We are experiencing issues with our machines at home, and a screen-reader what we're currently using is not working right. We are planning on getting ourselves a new set of machinery for our production of our content. We are doing our best to keep ourselves up and running.

However, we are still able to develop our text-adventure games on our arcade section of our website. That way; you can play text-based games as we try to figure out if our current machines are working right, or in some cases, our machines has been technically totalled. If we determined our machines were totalled; we have to get them replaced, and recycle older machines to make room for our new machines.

Thanks for your patience; we will find ways to keep our site up to date, and keep our site current.

Oct 3, 2018

We're Going Back To Writing On Our Website With A Help Of An Android App

Since our machines are still kind of down, we have to use an app to write content to our own website, and we have to find ways to keep our visitors entertained. Are you just curious why we are relying on an app for writing content? Here's why we're relying on an app as a backup:

  • Enables us to write our content without worrying about limitations of screen-readers, but this is an experiment what we're trying to establish, and find ways to produce content like an author who write books.
  • Enables us to work around this problem by relying on a mobile app on our 2-in-one Android laptop.

Now we're going to rely on this app for now,--until we get critical updates to our devices.

Sep 24, 2018

We are experiencing difficulties with our equipment when typing long post on our primary website

We experienced a bug that caused a screen-reader to reach a limit of 1800 words when writing long content. Our other computer isn't able to catch up with our fast typing, and our older machine needs to be rebuilt,--so we can write content on our desktop as a alternate source.

We are still finding ways to keep our productive work going, and we are still finding ways to resolve this issue, we filed a bug,--regarding a screen-reader on our Android device what we're currently using to write content on our website.

If a bug has been fixed by developers, we can able to write long content like normal.

We'll keep you posted for other updates.

Thanks for your patience!

Jun 20, 2018

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Is Still Getting Hot Fixes To Its Content

Our main website where you read fictional content is still getting hot fixes, but these fixes are now in progress. We have to update some of these posts, these posts, and even pages are receiving periodic updates to update older content for readers to view our content like a book; we are still trying to reach 10,000 words as we try to write long posts to please our readers. If you are a subscriber to this website, please be aware of these posts being arranged like pages in the book, content may be choppy, or not as relevant what you've expected to be.

The main site is still being refactored to rewrite all of the content previously published on a previous blog, just like where you're actually at! But don't panic... this is just a status blog.

Thanks for your patience, in the meantime; our site will be clean, and rewritten like an updated ebook, and all content will be current,--after a major cleanup.

Nov 14, 2017

We Haved Moved To A New Server

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has been moved to a new server because, are relying on VPS server because we had a plan to host our own community, and our own blogging platform. Since Fairies Dreams & Fantasy needs more room to expand, and provide new content.

May 7, 2017

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story) Gets Some Hot Edits to Fix Problems With Posts Being Written As Chapters In A Book

All Posts will be receiving hot fixes to fix common problems with our content. But due to the problem with my computer itself... I have to take extreme editing efforts to get my posts updated in order. That means, these posts on our main site will be updated constantly,--for the purpose of slowing down our content being published with extremely long posts that will be published in the later date.

Mar 19, 2017

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Fights Comment Spam With A New Form Of CAPTCHA... And Evolves To A Multisite

We're proud to announce we are relying on a new kind of CAPTCHA by using a new plugin on our WordPress multisite. This powerful plugin what we're using is going to help keep comment spammers out of our websites. Okay, if you don't know what is invisible CAPTCHA is... its a plugin that enables you to block all comment spam at its source.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy has also evolved into a multisite as a way to further sort content,--this is our method to unclutter our website,--after we moved from this original blog what you're currently at. This form of cleanup is still in progress,--after we have reviewed our content what we just posted on our website. We also brought our color scheme with us for the purpose of keeping our style matched to our new website.

Apr 9, 2016

We've Experienced A downTime On Our Site & the Fix Is Applied

To all users of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy:

We discovered our website has gone down at 12:00. We're not sure why our site; has experienced a downtime. We went to the support center to chat with a pro. We provided more info about our difficulties.

What the experts said; they found the problem with the plugin; Simple Ajax Chat. This plugin was defective because, it must've caused our site to go down. Here's what we just did to further resolve a problem with our site:

We navigated to our plugins directory, and deleted the plugin,--after we deactivated it from our site. Maybe this plugin has been left untouched for years.

Right now; this problem has been resolved. And our site is ready to visit, and signup.

Sometimes we have to get used with downtimes when our hosts have our sites in their servers under maintenance.

There are some reasons some sites may have a downtime:

  • Web-hosting companies often update/upgrade servers to enable faster performance for their sites. They change many units to keep their sites running smoothly. They change hard disks, memory, processors, and they often change circuit boards. Cause servers get hot in server rooms; they often run Air-Conditioners to keep their server rooms cool, even during the scorching summer days. There's no windows in a server room like most hosts who set servers to run in the dark environment. Most shared hosting has multiple sites in one server, maybe 1 site per disk.
  • Sometimes power outages can make your site go down. Power upgrades are necessary to make hosting run in low power.
  • Maintaining your server is kind of like home maintenance. Servers at home need to use dedicated power supplies to keep them going. Most web-hosts often use them to keep their customer's sites running.